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Arsha Adarsh is a poet and writer from the UK, currently living in Oregon. In three words their work is about identity, persistence, and transformation

Arsha Adarsh

On Trans Remembrance

A ro

Ghost Heart Literary Journal -- Chambers


November 2020


Arsha Adarsh

The King's Discourtesy



Analogies & Allegories Magazine -- October "Villanous Retellings"

October 2020



Arsha Adarsh

Passing Buses

vehicle passing during nighttime

Ayaskala Magazine -- July "Learning How To Co-Exist"

July 2020


Arsha Adarsh

My Forgotten Tongue

The ruins of an ancient Indian temple carved into a mountain. In the background is a pink and purple sky with stars. Photo by Rakesh ThanikachalamUnsplash

April 2020


Arsha Adarsh

Endless Rain

Photo of raindrops falling into water. Credit to Inge Maria on Unsplash.

Ghost Heart Literary Journal -- Chambers

August 2020

Arsha Adarsh