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Arsha Adarsh is a poet and writer from the UK, currently living in Oregon. In three words their work is about identity, persistence, and transformation

Arsha Adarsh

Life in Toxicity

Mixed Mag -- Issue 6

Feb 2021

Arsha Adarsh

On Trans Remembrance

A ro

Ghost Heart Literary Journal -- Chambers


November 2020


Arsha Adarsh

The King's Discourtesy



Analogies & Allegories Magazine -- October "Villanous Retellings"

October 2020



Arsha Adarsh

Passing Buses

vehicle passing during nighttime

Ayaskala Magazine -- July "Learning How To Co-Exist"

July 2020


Arsha Adarsh

Yay, new site!

I'm still working on putting it together, but here it is. It's got hashtags and everything.

I hope you enjoy my work. If you have thoughts, throw 'em my way! Feedback sustains me <3.

Arsha Adarsh

My Forgotten Tongue

The ruins of an ancient Indian temple carved into a mountain. In the background is a pink and purple sky with stars. Photo by Rakesh ThanikachalamUnsplash

April 2020